Since you’re considering trusting me with your next creative project, here’s a bit of background:

Most of my clients are not-for-profit organizations, spread across the United States. I specialize in church communications for both church plants and established churches. I started my design work for a church plant (200+) my husband and I attended, and I have worked as Associate Director of Communications for a mega-church (8,000+).

Now, I have the privilege of owning my own design company, which allows me to say “yes” and “what if…” when it makes sense for the clients I work with.

My strength lies in my ability to take a kernel of an idea and guide it through to a finished product that you can hold in your hand (or see on on a screen). With the ability to concept, write, layout, design, interface with printers, partner with web developers, Cottage Design is one solution, one name, one phone number, one point of accountability. I’ll be there from beginning to end every time.

Let me know how I can help you be more creative in what you’re saying.

You’re welcome to call (616.485.3535) during normal business hours or use the contact form below.

Becky Martin
Michigan, USA

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